Year in Review 2012

The NWPF toasts the New Years edition, Year in Review-Best of 2012 and celebrates the 4th year of our wellness center.  

We started the PDCommunity! Blog early in 2012 as a forum for our members to ask questions, get answers, share ideas, experiences and solutions with one another. As medical director, I am truly grateful to be a part of this vibrant and positive community whose goal is to spread the mission of NWPF to improve the quality of life for all families living with Parkinson's.

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We analyzed the most popular blog posts in 2012 to see what our readers are reading and share the results with you. 

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Wishing you a happy New Year,

Monique L. Giroux, MD
Guest Blogger, Former Medical Director of NWPF

November 2012

Dear Wellness Member,

November is our month for Thanksgiving and a time for appreciation. November is also National Caregiver’s month. Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in our own difficulties and concerns and in the process overlook those closest to us that have offered their hand in support.  

We are all caregivers, carepartners or need a caregiver some time in our life in our life. Therefore this edition, Caring for the Caregiver, is for all of us. 

  • Self-Care. Be sure to take care of yourself
  • Be Prepared.  Print these documents to organize you and your family’s medical information and be prepared for medical and hospital visits.
  • Navigating healthcare. Tips to make doctor's visits easier.
  • Simple pleasures. Sights, sounds and scents. Simple pleasures for the caregiver

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Monique L. Giroux, MD
Guest Blogger, Former Medical Director of NWPF

September 2012

Dear Wellness Member,

Welcome to the September-October 2012 edition, Deep Brain Stimulation. Many exciting treatments exist for Parkinson's and DBS is one of them.  Results can be remarkable when the right patient is chosen and the surgery is done at the right stage of the disease. Learning about DBS and aligning your expectations with what surgery can do, is the first step to best outcomes.  Learn more about DBS whether you are considering the surgery or already had DBS

Monique L. Giroux, MD
Guest Blogger, Former Medical Director of NWPF

July/August 2012

Dear Wellness Member,

Parkinson's is more than just a movement disorder as so many of you know. Depression is one of those nonmotor symptoms that can affect your life quality.  It can emerge before the first movement problems or at any time during the disease.  Depression can change how you feel, cope and adjust to your symptoms. Depression can also change how you treat your Parkinson's.  For instance, the benefits of lifestyle changes such as exercise are becoming more and more evident, yet exercising becomes more difficult with depression. 

If you are concerned about depression, be sure to talk with your healthcare provider about your next steps.  Find out more about depression and the things you can do to feel better.

Best of health,

Monique L. Giroux, MD
Guest Blogger, Former Medical Director of NWPF

May/June 2012

Dear Wellness Member,

We dedicate the May- June 2012 edition to our PD community- everyone living with, touched by and supporting others with Parkinson's disease.  Sharing the good times and supporting one another during the not so good times is such an important part of living and feeling better.  With a kind word, supportive touch and inspiring message, we can change our own lives and influence others.

We have seen many examples of the power that of community for PD and how you come together to inspire, engage and support that we would like to extend yet another opportunity to learn and come together. NWPF endeavors to support the community in new ways.  We are proud to bring our new blog to you, PDCommunity! 

Learn more about the power of support in this edition:

Looking forward to joining you on the PDCommunity! blog,

Monique L. Giroux, MD
Guest Blogger, Former Medical Director of NWPF

March/April 2012

Dear Wellness Member,

Our March-April 2012 edition, is New Frontiers- Stem Cell and Gene therapy. What better time to explore the wonderful progress and amazing science behind new and hopeful approaches for Parkinson's treatment then April- Parkinson's Awareness Month.

Monique L. Giroux, MD
Guest Blogger, Former Medical Director of NWPF

January/February 2012

Dear Wellness Member,

Welcome to Hope for the New Year, the January-February 2012 edition of the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation Wellness Center. The NWPF is proud to support the Wellness Center now entering its 3rd year. We continue our focus on hope, personal wellbeing and healthy living for people with Parkinson's.

Lets toast the New Year by looking at some of the great work that is being performed by scientists in the quest to better treat Parkinson's. As we look back on the year 2011, we are hopeful that new research will bring new therapies and better living for people with Parkinson's. This month's series will explore some of these research highlights.

I hope you will find this month's series informative and hopeful for the year to come. As you look forward to 2012, take a moment to be thankful for what brings you joy in life. Some people find it helpful to identify a special quote, saying or mantra that can help you through the hard times.

Set that New Year's resolution with success in mind. Be sure to take the readiness for change survey and.

Join us as in March as we continue to highlight advances in treatment with our edition Research Frontier - Gene therapy and Stem Cells.

Wishing you a hopeful and happy new year,

Monique L. Giroux, MD
Guest Blogger, Former Medical Director of NWPF

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