PD 101October 14, 2014

Presenter: Anna Sanger Reed & Melissa Tribelhorn, MPA

This installment of the Lunchtime Laboratory Webinar Series will air on October, 14, 2014 at Noon Pacific Time.

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Have you been diagnosed with Parkinson’s within the last three years? Did a friend recently tell you that she has Parkinson’s? If you answered yes to either of these questions, PD 101 might be right for you! Join Anna Sanger Reed of Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon and Melissa Tribelhorn of NWPF as they cover Parkinson’s basics - what Parkinson’s is and common treatment options and strategies to manage symptoms. The interactive, hour-long webinar will include ample time for you to ask questions and expand your understanding of Parkinson’s. This presentation will provide a solid foundation of knowledge so that you can get the most out of future educational opportunities like the HOPE Conference in Seattle, Patient Empowerment Lectures and Conferences throughout Oregon and Washington.

Click here to view the archived footage of this webinar recording.


Anna Sanger Reed, Program Services Manager, joined Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon in February of 2008 after graduating with a BA in Psychology from the University of Washington. Her responsibilities include overseeing the direction and creation of PRO’s educational and outreach programs throughout the region, including the wellness classes, conferences, and training for long term care professionals. Anna is based out of Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Melissa Tribelhorn, Program Director with Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation, has spent her career advocating for educational and healthcare programs that benefit patients and families, no matter their diagnosis, socioeconomic level or background. At NWPF, she manages the operations of all mission- based programs, including educational events, advocacy and client services. Melissa has a Master of Public Administration from Seattle University and has lived all over the Northwest, including Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Eastern Washington and Seattle.

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