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2011 November/December Parkinson's Post

In this issue:

  • Art, Laughter are Therapy for PD Group
  • From the Executive Director
  • Put Some New Tools in Your Coping Toolbox
  • Generosity of Many Makes SoDo Event a Big Success
  • In Marketplace of Options, Maximize and Prioritize
  • Offense + Defense May be Best Formula Against PD
  • Tribute Gifts
  • Maximize Your Gifts and Time with Employer Matching Programs
  • Take Part in Research to Help Speed Discoveries

2011 September/October Parkinson's Post

In this issue:

  • 'Yardening' Helps Cultivate Physical and Mental Health
  • All Hail the Team!
  • 2011 Hope Conference Application
  • When Exploring Options for Housing, Ask Questions
  • From the Executive Director
  • Tribute Gifts
  • Around the Region

2011 July/August Parkinson's Post

In this issue:

  • From Mother to Daughter, Lessons Shared
  • Care Out There for Caregivers
  • What to do if you're New to Parkinson's
  • From the Executive Director
  • Save the Date for an Evening in SODO
  • Around the Region
  • On the Road Discovering the Self
  • Donor Gifts
  • Assistance is Just Three Numbers Away

2011 May/June Parkinson's Post

In this issue:

  • Parkinson’s, Step by Step1
  • The Team Needs You2
  • Climbing to New Heights 3
  • Support Groups: Those Threads that Bind 4
  • Wellness Conference Probes Parkinson's and Mind-Body Connection 5
  • Save the Date 6
  • Advocate Finds Her Voice on PAN Trip 7
  • Tribute Gifts 8
  • Thank you Team Parkinson's Sponsors 8

2011 March/April Parkinson's Post

In this issue:

  • Couple Finds New Support Community
  • Hop on the Train and Don't Look Back
  • Estate Planning Let You Avoid Guardianship
  • From the Executive Director
  • New NWPF Faces
  • Technology Surmounts Geographic Barriers in Parkinson's Patient Care
  • Tapping Telehealth?
  • Tribute Gifts
  • Just Diagnosed...Now What? Group Geared to Early-Stage PD

2011 January/February Parkinson's Post

In this issue:

  • Pushing the limits with Parkinson's
  • Research test power of 'forced' exercise in symptom control
  • Mind-body link focus of wellness event
  • Hope Conference on Parkinson's draws crowd, instills hope
  • Rider honors dad fosters hope on road to Portland
  • STP an annual rallying point for one rider
  • Team Parkinson's looks to new heights in 2011
  • Tribute gifts
  • NWPF remembers grace and service of founding board member

2010 November/December Parkinson's Post

In this issue:

  • New book a roadmap for living well with Parkinson's
  • From the Executive Director
  • Lonnie Ali inspires, encourages with talk geared to caregivers
  • 'Take Flight' event salutes NWPF founder
  • Online community lays out path to wellness with Parkinson's
  • 'Empowerment Through Adventure' presentation
  • Tribute Gifts
  • Email campaign is a resounding success, thanks to a generous community(you!)
  • New development director joins NWPF staff
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