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Parkinson's Post newsletter for November/December 2004

In this issue:

  • Advocacy fuels patient's hope
  • Red meat and Parkinson's
  • Rotigotine and Rasagiline
  • Rigor in Research
  • The Power of the Placebo

Parkinson's Post newsletter for September/October 2004

In this issue:

  • A lesson in slowing down
  • New drug shows promise
  • Loss leads to life lessons
  • Community mourns Milly
  • Calendar of events

Parkinson's Post newsletter for July/August 2004

In this issue:

  • When seeing is believing
  • Sleepless? You're not alone
  • The STP in pictures
  • The helping pages
  • Support for caregivers

Parkinson's Post newsletter for May/June 2004

In this issue:

  • Artist finds therapy in life's work
  • Embracing compromise
  • Telehealth links rural patients
  • Highlights from the Care Center
  • Team Parkinon's needs you
  • Get online to 'chat' with the Doc
  • FDA approves Apokyn
  • Research candidates needed

Parkinson's Post newsletter for March/April 2004

In this issue:

  • 'Porridge' good for body, soul and Parkinson's community
  • Nutitional role central in self-care
  • Yoga pluses plentiful for Parkinson's people
  • Research study seeks patients
  • Get online to 'chat' with the Doc
  • Advocate role crucial during hospital stay
  • Free online tool geared to caregivers
  • Team Parkinson's needs you

Parkinson's Post newsletter for January / February 2004

In this issue:

  • Technology boosts steadfast spirit
  • Assessment takes holistic approach to individual care
  • Freezing a 'sticky situation' for people with Parkinson's
  • Get your wheels turning for someone you love
  • Handy gadgets, changes to habits make life with Parkinson's easier
  • New sights and sounds mark launch of awareness campaign
  • Study looks at environment and genes in Parkinson's
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