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Your Weekly Parkinson's News Updates for the Week of 1.7.19

Monday January 07, 2019
Sleep and Circadian Alterations in Parkinson's:
Understanding the Source for Smarter Treatment
Neurology Advisor
"In addition to the hallmark motor symptoms of Parkinson's, non-motor symptoms have a significant impact on patients' quality of life. Sleep disturbances are among the most common symptoms, with 64% of patients reporting at least one sleep-related disorder in a 2009 multicenter study (n=1072), including insomnia (37%), behavioral sleep disturbances (30%), excessive daytime sleepiness (21%), and restless legs during sleep (15%)."
An Integrated Approach for Carepartners
and People with Parkinson's
Parkinson's News Daily
A study finds that people with Parkinson’s and their carepartners are typically active and ready to adopt strategies to improve their quality of life, but lack self-management support.
The study, “Development of the Integrated Parkinson’s Care Network (IPCN): using co-design to plan collaborative care for people with Parkinson’s disease,” was published in Quality of Life Research.
In this study, researchers developed and implemented an integrated approach to care in a tertiary Parkinson’s disease clinic in Ottawa, Canada.
Las Vegas Brain Institute Takes on
Unique Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Project
Las Vegas Review-Journal
In the only trial of its kind in the United States, a Las Vegas doctor is injecting patients with a radioactive liquid and scanning their brains in hopes of discovering the cause of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
Dr. Aaron Ritter at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to test the GE180 tracer in humans to research neurodegeneration.
If the substance binds to proteins in the brain linked to neuroinflammation, a patient’s scan will light up red, perhaps an early sign of the two diseases.