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Your Weekly Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 8.5.19

Monday August 05, 2019
UK University Receives Funding
to Protect Brain Cells Affected by Parkinson's
News Medical & Lifescience
"[T]his award will enable Dr Mortiboys and her team to identify a lead molecule from the compounds which has the most beneficial effects on mitochondrial function of the brain cells, to be progressed along the drug discovery pipeline. It is hoped this new work will lead to the development of a treatment which will protect these brain cells, slow the progression of Parkinson's and extend the quality of life for people living with the condition."
WA Smoke Funneling through Spokane until Thursday
Washington Smoke Information
Spokane is the meeting point for smoke from eastern WA fires exiting the state. Several area monitors recorded Unhealthy air for some hours overnight. After dragging some smoke into the Columbia Basin this morning, winds will redirect it all at Spokane overnight today. Expect areas to reach Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups and Unhealthy at various times of the day Tuesday & Wednesday. In general, worse air at night and some relief during the afternoons. The National Weather Service in Spokane issued an Air Quality Alert to cover this situation. 
Read NW Parkinson's "Safely Northwest" for more regional resources, including the interview with Dr. Sverre Vedal and his tips for navigating wildfire smoke amid Parkinson's.
A Wearable Device Is Changing the Way
Clinicians Manage Parkinson's
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry
A recently published study in Functional Neurology suggests that using data from an FDA-cleared watch-like device called the Personal KinetiGraph (PKG) provides an objective and more effective approach to assessing motor fluctuations in patients with Parkinson's compared with patient-reported motor diaries.