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Your Weekly Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 8.12.19

Monday August 12, 2019
Could Estrogen Help Treat Parkinson's?
Medical Xpress
Brain-selective estrogen treatment improves the symptoms of Parkinson's in male mice, according to new research published in JNeurosci. These findings may help explain the sex differences in Parkinson's and could lead to estrogen-based treatments.
This Comedian Tells What It's Like
When Your Family Doesn't Quite Understand Parkinson's
When you have a somewhat complicated condition like Parkinson’s, with dozens of possible symptoms and a cause that isn’t easy to explain, you and your loved ones might come up with shorthand ways to describe it. And sometimes that “shorthand” leads to some head-scratching. Comedian Erik Rivera shared how his family talks about Parkinson’s, which might make you laugh if you’ve ever struggled to explain exactly what it is.
Former Nurse with Parkinson's Surprised with Service Dog
Good Morning America
In this video, Tennille Strode shares what life has been like since her diagnosis of Parkinson's at 34 years old. She was surprised on Good Morning America with a service dog to support her through daily tasks and life.