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Your Weekly Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 6.17.19

Monday June 17, 2019
Gut Microbes Metabolize Parkinson's Drug
Science Magazine
The identification of specific gut bacteria and enzymes involved in drug metabolism, such as L-dopa, is a vital, but underexplored, research area. An increasing number of drugs have been identified to be metabolized by gut microbes, enabling their activation, inactivation, and sometimes toxicity. In turn, drugs can sculpt and regulate gut microbial composition.
The Financial Burden of Parkinson's Is $52 Billion,
More Than Double Previous Estimates
Over 1 million Americans currently live with Parkinson's. The new study, The Economic Burden of Parkinson’s Disease, provided a comprehensive assessment of the total costs incurred by patients, care partners, payers, employers, healthcare systems, and government programs. It also examined how the disease affects the personal finances of patients and their ability to work.
"There are a lot of surprise costs when you have Parkinson's," said Steve DeWitte, a PD research funding advocate from New Preston, Connecticut, in a statement.
In Addition to a Cure for Parkinson’s,
What Else Do We Really Want?
Parkinson's News Today
We all want something in life. We want to win the lottery or find our perfect mate. For those of us with a chronic illness, we’d be more than satisfied with a cure for Parkinson's. Until we find that cure, Sherri Woodbridge compiled a list of things that might help people with the disease to live with greater ease.
People with Parkinson's Enlist in Karate to Fight Back
Chicago Tribune
An initial group of 19 patients with early-to-middle-stage Parkinson’s underwent a series of physical and cognitive testing before joining a karate class. After attending class twice a week for 10 weeks, they were retested.
“After the results and the feedback from the first group were so positive, we knew we had to continue,” said Dr. Jori Fleisher, a neurologist at Rush and lead investigator of the study, which she presented a draft of last week at the World Parkinson Congress in Japan.
Man Diagnosed with Parkinson's Continues to Change Lives
630 CHED News
John Baumann, inspirational speaker, shares his 17 year journey with Parkinson’s and how he can lift up others through it all.