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Your Weekly Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 4.8.19

Monday April 08, 2019
Atypical Parkinsonism
Parkinson's News Today
"Atypical parkinsonism refers to a set of symptoms similar to those seen in Parkinson’s, but caused by other disorders. Because the symptoms are similar, it can be difficult to distinguish between Parkinson’s and atypical parkinsonism without extensive diagnostic testing; misdiagnoses are common."
Startup Releases AI App to Detect Parkinson's
Medical Xpress
A South Australia startup has released an artificial intelligence (AI) web app that can detect early-stage Parkinson's: "Users simply upload a video recording and while it uploads, the computer vision system simultaneously uses AI to track movement and compares it with known Parkinson's symptoms. A report is created almost instantly."
Detroit Building To Light Up With Giant Tulip
For Parkinson’s Awareness
Daily Detroit
"You might wonder why a giant tulip is part of downtown Detroit’s skyline over the next month.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is lighting up its headquarters building with the flower for a month."
Michael J. Fox on Living with Parkinson's,
Research Challenges, and His New Tattoo
"Parkinson’s 'doesn’t reach every part of my life,' Fox said. 'Certainly the way I move, the way I walk…I’ve lost a certain amount of spontaneity. There are losses. But there are equivalent gains, whether it’s an insight or experience or exposure to people that I wouldn’t otherwise meet. I’ve been incredibly privileged to see progress being made."'
Poetry Competition at Parkinson's Life EU
Parkinson's Life
Parkinson's Life EU is an online resource for people impacted by Parkinson's. Their first ever Parkinson’s Life poetry competition attracted entries from around the world. Ahead of their interview with the winner next week, they spoke with runner-up Marc Woodward, on everything from how Parkinson’s “crept up on him” at age 54, what’s on his ‘bucket list’ – and the inspiration behind his fantastic poem ‘San Francisco’.