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Your Weekly Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 4.1.19

Monday April 01, 2019
Milk Linked to Greater Risk of Parkinson’s,
Swedish Study Shows
Parkinson's News Update
"Consumption of more than 40 milliliters (1.3 ounces) of milk per day is associated with an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s." That is, plain cow's milk - dietary intake of yogurts or soured milk does not pose a risk, results from a large-scale Swedish study show.
Exosomes Help Track Effectiveness of
Experimental Parkinson's Drug
National Institute on Aging
Exosomes are nanoscale particles produced by all types of cells that circulate in the bloodstream. They have proven to be reliable markers for the effectiveness of an experimental drug for Parkinson’s. Exenatide, commonly used to treat diabetes, has shown some promise in improving motor function and protecting against Parkinson's - with the help of guiding exosomes.
Is a Parkinson’s Life a Poem in Disguise?
Parkinson's News Today
"The word poem comes from the Greek word poiēma, which means 'that which is made' or 'workmanship.' Think about that for a moment.
We are a poem written to inspire and encourage those who watch and read our lives. Knowing that, how could we ever again say, 'Why me?'”