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Your Weekly Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 12.31.18

Monday December 31, 2018
Parkinson's Protein Buys Time For Cell Repair
Science Daily
A study revealed how a protein called Parkinlost in certain forms of Parkinson's'buys time' for cells to repair internal damage that may otherwise kill them. The discovery could underpin the development of new therapies that slow the progression of Parkinson's by saving cells that would otherwise die. "The research, led by Mr Jonathan Bernardini and Associate Professor Grant Dewson, was published in The EMBO Journal."
Researchers at the University of Virginia Medical School
Explore Novel Ways to Target Parkinson’s
The Cavalier Daily
Researchers at the UVA Medical School have found that using focused ultrasound technologya non-invasive type of brain surgerycan reduce tremor symptoms in some people with Parkinson’s while also improving quality of life. 
Inbrija Inhalation Powder Approved for Parkinson's
Acorda Therapeutics announced that the FDA has approved Inbrija (levodopa inhalation powder) for intermittent treatment of OFF episodes in people with Parkinson's who are treated with carbidopa/levodopa. "This is the first and only inhaled levodopa to be approved by the FDA for this condition.
Inbrija is a novel form of levodopa, the metabolic precursor of dopamine. It utilizes the ARUS technology platform that allows systemic delivery of medication through inhalation by turning molecules into a light, porous dry powder. Through this, substantially higher doses of medication can be delivered via conventional dry powder technologies."