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Your Weekly News Update for the Week of 9.17.19

Monday September 16, 2019
Eight Must-Read Books about Parkinson’s
The top two books in this list may sound familiar: Northwest authors Nan Little and Peter Dunlap-Shohl are advocates for and members of the Northwest Parkinson's community. This review features eight books from around the world, all written by people living with Parkinson's.
Big Data, Bench Science Suggests Drug
May Slow Parkinson's Progression
Science Daily
"A drug used to treat enlarged prostate may also be able to slow the progression of Parkinson's. The surprising finding, published Sept. 16 online in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, is the result of an international collaboration involving researchers in China and at the University of Iowa that combines basic molecular biology with big data."
Exercising at Home Provides Positive Effect
for people with Parkinson's
Medical Xpress
Exercise proves to compete with conventional Parkinson's medication. In a large double-blind study, Radboud University Medical Center researchers show that people living with Parkinson's can gain a positive effect on motor impairments by exercising regularly at home for 6 months.