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Your Weekly News Update for the Week of 6.24.19

Monday June 24, 2019
Researchers Discover The Earliest Signs
of Parkinson's in The Brain
Science Alert
Published in Lancet Neurology, this study suggests that changes to the serotonin system come first in Parkinson's, occurring many years before symptoms show. This important finding could lead to the development of new treatments to slow or even stop progression.
The findings also suggest that brain scans of the serotonin system could be used as a tool for screening and monitoring progression: these scans are expensive, so researchers need more work to develop affordable technology.
Spokane Valley Boxing Class Helps
Reduce Symptoms of Parkinson's
Check out this video and feature of our local Spokane Valley community as they jab, upper-cut, and hook their way through Parkinson's!
A New Drug Target for Chemically Induced Parkinson's
Science Daily
"An enzyme that modifies chemicals formed in the body by alcohol, tobacco, and certain foods may be a new target for treating Parkinson's disease. The altered compounds, the researchers found, may play a role in triggering the onset or advancing the progression of the neurodegenerative condition."
Parkinson's in the News: A Forum
for People with Parkinson's and Carers
Parkinson's News Today
Read the latest topics, comments, and news articles, while also engaging with other people impacted by Parkinson's.
Overcoming the Grief Caused by Parkinson’s
Parkinson's News Today
"There is the initial grief, but waves of grief can still overcome us, sometimes when we least expect them. Often, those waves of grief are accompanied by fear. Not only are we dealing with what we’ve lost, but also we are fearful of what we may still lose.
Getting through grief over the loss of a loved one takes time, and the amount of time varies with each individual. It’s the same with the grief of having Parkinson’s."