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Your Weekly News Update for the Week of 6.10.19

Monday June 10, 2019
Purdue University
HYPE is a special protein and key regulator of whether cells live or die under stress. “Since HYPE plays such an important role in how cells deal with stress from misfolded proteins, we wondered whether diseases that result from protein misfolding were likely to need HYPE,” said Seema Mattoo, an assistant professor of biological sciences at Purdue University. The study shows that HYPE does modify aSyn – and that their new modification, called AMPylation, decreases aggregation found in the brains of people with Parkinson's.
Medical News Today
The hallmarks of Parkinson's and some forms of dementia include Lewy bodies, or toxic aggregates that form in the brain and disrupt neural circuits. Researchers from Japan's Osaka University are now testing a new preventive therapy using genetic material in a preliminary mouse study.
Inkstone News
Michael Leung wasn’t sure what to make of the offer he was given to take part in the Muay Thai training session. Aged 49, he's spent the past 12 months coming to terms with a Parkinson’s diagnosis. His body is still adapting to the doses of medicine he now needs to take daily, as well as the after-effects, while his mind is focusing on the work ahead.
Medical News Today
A new approach that uses ultrasoundbeams and microbubbles could be a noninvasive way to deliver drugs safely to precise locations in the brain. The technique is called focused ultrasound (FUS) and promises to open the door to thousands of drugs that could treat a range of brain conditions, including Parkinson's, if they can cross the blood-brain barrier.