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Your Weekly News Update for the Week of 5.27.19

Monday May 27, 2019
FDA Gives 'Breakthrough Device' Title
to Amprion’s PMCA Early Detection Tool
Parkinson's News Today
The Food & Drug Administration named Amprion’s proprietary technology, Protein Misfolding Cyclic Amplification (PMCA), as a breakthrough device. PMCA holds the potential to diagnose Parkinson’sat a much earlier stage than current diagnostic methods. If approved by the FDA, Amprion anticipates a market roll-out for PMCA tests as an early detection tool for Parkinson’s within the next 18 months.
Take Steps Now to Plan for Wildfire Smoke, Poor Air Quality
WA Department of Health
As dry weather approaches the Northwest region, there are steps everyone can take to prepare for the potential impacts of wildfire smoke and poor air quality. Sensitive groups, including those living with chronic illness, may have specific measures they can investigate ahead of the summer.
This is a brief guide offered by the Washington State Department of Health. Check out NW Parkinson's "Safely Northwest" page here for resources by stateincluding wildfire prevention!
Newly Discovered Mechanism Reveals
how Parkinson's Can Spread between Brain Cells
"During the past few decades, we have [realized] that the protein deposits in the brain can spread between cells, acting as seeds that start a new aggregation cycle in the next cell," says a lead researcher. [Parkinson's] in this way moves across the brain similar to an infection. The team at Linköping University, Sweden, are working to understand how the protein spreads, and "use this knowledge in the long term to inhibit the spread of disease in the brain"."