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Your Weekly News Update for the Week of 4.15.19

Monday April 15, 2019
Turn, Stop, then Sit:
A Research-Based Guide for People with Parkinson’s
The Times of Israel
A new Tel Aviv University study provides an understanding as to why people with Parkinson's may have difficulty transitioning from walking though turning around to sitting. The results suggest new ways to help improve the rehabilitation!
Community Member A.C. Woolnough Details Life with Parkinson's
Bonner County Daily Bee
"After 37 years as an educator and self-described 'old English teacher,' it only made sense that Woolnough would begin documenting his journey in a number of amusing, yet serious, short stories. These short stories, published as a monthly column in local publications over the past four to five years, have been compiled into Woolnough’s first book — 'On Fire: Reflections on a journey through life with Parkinson’s Disease.'"
*A.C.'s new book will soon be available to check out from the NW Parkinson's Lending Library! If you'd like to purchase one and support the author in his advocacy for Parkinson's research, please contact him at: acwooly@gmail.com
Heel, Toe: Walking with Mindfulness
Parkinson's News Today
"My neurologist says I tend to overthink things. I believe our greatest strengths can also be our greatest weaknesses. Sometimes, I do overthink, to the point of getting paralysis by analysis. However, I believe that mindful analysis of my [Parkinson's] symptoms (including my walking technique) is critical in helping me to create different ways of doing things that at one time used to come as second nature to me."