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Your Weekly News Update for the Week of 12.30.19

Monday December 30, 2019
1 in 4 Cases of Parkinson’s Misdiagnosed: Study
New York Post
According to a recent survey of over 2,000 people by charity Parkinson’s UK, over a quarter of those with Parkinson’s were initially misdiagnosed:
“One of the biggest challenges for Parkinson’s research is that there is no definitive test for Parkinson’s, and as a result we’ve heard of people being misdiagnosed with anything from a frozen shoulder or anxiety to a stroke.”
A Better Testing Method for Patients with Parkinson's
Medical Xpress
Current diagnostics for Parkinson's involve lengthy physical tests. International researchers have examined a new way to evaluate Parkinson's symptoms:
"Apart from gait and balance data, the measurement of computer keystroke time series that contain information of the hold time occurring between pressing and releasing a key has been proposed for detecting early stages of Parkinson's," said Tuan D. Pham, paper author and professor of biomedical engineering in the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization at Linköping University in Sweden.
Budding Teen Scientist From Working on Parkinson’s Treatment
At 14 years old, it seems there's nothing Anushka Sridhar hasn't doneincluding the creation of a device to lessen the tremors experienced by people with Parkinson's. "My great aunt passed away. With her tremors though, she had a lot of difficulties just with daily activity," Sridhar said. "So that sparked an idea for me to try and create a wrist band that could mitigate the tremors."