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Your Weekly News Update for the Week of 12.23.19

Monday December 23, 2019
8 Tips for Surviving the Holidays With Parkinson’s
"My name is Nikki and I’m an overachiever. An overachiever with Parkinson’s. This should make for some interesting conundrums over the holidays — you think?
Like many other situations over the two years since my diagnosis, the holidays open up the opportunity for some wonderful teaching moments — for myself. I’ve had to learn to adjust my holiday expectations and there seems no better time to share these revelations with fellow overachievers than this week."
Study Targets Cannabinoid Receptor to
Ease Parkinson's Symptom of Dyskinesia
American Journal of Managed Care
An early study of a cannabinoid compound in mice indicates it could reduce involuntary movements called dyskinesias, a side effect from treatment for Parkinson's.The drug, HU-308, is aimed at treating levodopa-induced dyskinesia: this article compares the drug with other cannabinoids and their effects on the mice.
Weekly Exercise Regimen Improves
Motor and Non-motor Symptoms in Parkinson's
News Medical Life Sciences
"Researchers at the University of Kent studied Parkinson's patients that performed a weekly multi-modal regime (physical and cognitive exercises). This group participated in weekly exercise sessions for over a year and were assessed every four months for at least a year (some participants continued on for two or three years)." Results show improvements in motor and non-motor symptoms.