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Your Parkinson's Weekly News Update for the Week of 1.13.20

Monday January 13, 2020
New Study Could 'Drastically' Change
How We Understand Parkinson's
Medical News Today
What if motor symptoms do not start with the death of dopaminergic neurons? If this were the case, it could change how researchers and medical practitioners understand Parkinson's and the best way of treating it.
Phlegm-Busting Drug Shows Promise in Parkinson’s
MedPage Today
A new study indicates that a drug used in cough syrup to break up phlegm may be worthy of further study as a neuroprotective compound in Parkinson's.
"The results of the AiM-PD study indicate that ambroxol is safe, well tolerated, and able to increase GCase levels in the spinal fluid of people with Parkinson's," Schapira told MedPage Today. "This is an important step to now allow us to find out whether this drug can slow the progress of Parkinson's."
Biogen to Buy Early-Stage Potential Alzheimer's,
Parkinson's Treatment from Pfizer
Biogen plans to develop the early-stage candidate for treating Sundowning associated with Alzheimer’s and Irregular Sleep Wake Rhythm Disorder (ISWRD) for those with Parkinson’s:
"Sundowning is a symptom that impacts 20% or more of Alzheimer’s patients who become confused and anxious later in the day, while ISWRD is a circadian rhythm disorder where patients experience fragmented sleep at night."