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Your Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 9.28.20

Monday September 28, 2020
Pursuing Two Tracks:
People with Parkinson's Can Have a Brighter Future
Journal of Parkinson's Disease via Medical Xpress
Dr. Bloem and Dr. Brundin define the future of Parkinson's as two parallel tracks: one takes on the study of its cause, to the end of new therapies that will slow down or even arrest progression of Parkinson's; the other track aims to expand and improve the level of care available for people currently living with Parkinson's.
Inside a Push to Include More
African Americans in Brain Research
TheĀ African Ancestry Neuroscience Research Initiatve is a partnership between community leaders and theĀ Lieber Institute for Brain Development, an independent, nonprofit research organization on the medical campus of Johns Hopkins University:
"The Lieber Institute's goals include reducing health care disparities and ensuring that brain research includes individuals from all populations."
In Mouse Brains, Stem Cells Can Repair
Parkinson's-Damaged Circuits
Univesity of Wisconsin, Madison via EurekAlert!
UW Madison researchers say this work suggests neural stem cell therapy is a realistic goal: however, much more research is needed to translate findings from mice to people.
"Our brain is wired in such an accurate way by very specialized nerve cells in particular locations so we can engage in all our complex behaviors. This all depends on circuits that are wired by specific cell types," says Zhang, a professor of neuroscience and neurology at UW-Madison's Waisman Center. "Neurological injuries usually affect specific brain regions or specific cell types, disrupting circuits. In order to treat those diseases, we have to restore these circuits."