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Your Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 8/3/20

Monday August 03, 2020
Concussion Linked to Heightened
Risk of Dementia and Parkinson's
Family Medicine & Community Health via MedicalXpress
Concussion upsets the workings of the autonomic nervous system as well as blood flow to, and around, the brain. Those affected usually recover within a week of injury, but there may be long term consequences.
Previous research has implicated concussion in the development of various neurological and psychological disorders. But many of these studies have relied on self-reported medical data or failed to account for potentially important coexisting conditions, say the researchers.
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) Leading Outreach Effort to Help Non-Filers Get Their Stimulus Payments 
The CBPP has just released a new analysis on the estimated 12 million people who are at risk of missing out on their Economic Impact Payments (EIP) because they haven’t filed with the IRS.  
The CBPP is encouraging states to conduct outreach to help eligible people receive those payments, and estimates that 9 million of those people are enrolled in SNAP and/or Medicaid. 
The analysis reports that 185,000 of those people are Washington State residents. With $1,200 payments for adults and $500 for children, that equals an estimated $179,000,000 in potential payments.  
Eligible individuals have until Oct.15 to file with the IRS to receive their EIP. The CBPP will be providing state agencies, like DSHS, with resources to help with outreach to those individuals, including messaging, FAQs, talking points, fliers, scripts, and press materials.  
You can learn more with this flier. 
Researchers Evaluate a Pipeline of Clinical Trials
Targeting Parkinson's
Journal of Parkinson's Disease via MedicalXpress
"With the discovery of the first genetic risk factors for PD at the turn of this century, researchers have begun to develop a better understanding of the possible biological pathways that may be governing/influencing the progressive neurodegeneration associated with PD," explained senior author Simon Stott, Ph.D., Deputy Director of Research, The Cure Parkinson's Trust, London, UK. "These discoveries have led to a growing number of clinical trials targeting an increasing number of potentially disease-relevant mechanisms of action. It is important for the research and Parkinson's communities to stay abreast of the extensive, ever-changing landscape in order to highlight trends and better manage expectations."