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Your Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 8/10/20

Monday August 10, 2020
New Study on Development of Parkinson's is 'on the nose'
Brain Pathology via MedicalXpress
"Since mounting evidence indicates that neuroinflammation contributes to the development and progression of Parkinson's and other degenerative diseases, scientists have proposed that the initial impact of environmental toxins inhaled through the nose may induce inflammation in the brain, triggering the production of Lewy bodies that can then be spread to other brain regions.
However, the relationship linking olfactory dysfunction and PD development remains unclear.
Ning Quan, Ph.D., a neuroscientist from Florida Atlantic University's Schmidt College of Medicine and a faculty member of the FAU Brain Institute (I-BRAIN), is among a team of researchers with new findings that add weight to this theory and identify a critical signaling molecule that may be key to the domino effect kicked off by nasal inflammation."
WA Governor Announces Guidance for Long-Term Care Facilities
WA Governor's Office
This graduated restart plan for long-term care will give providers, residents and families direction for resuming normal activities, like visitation. The plan includes a number of public health metrics that must be met in order for facilities to move through the phases. It is modeled after the Safe Start plan.
IBM Details Research on AI to Measure Parkinson’s Progression
Nature Scientific Reports via Venture Beat
IBM says it has made progress toward developing ways to estimate the severity of Parkinson’s symptoms by analyzing physical activity as motor impairment increases. In a paper published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, scientists at IBM Research, Pfizer, the Spivack Center for Clinical and Translational Neuroscience, and Tufts created statistical representations of patients’ movement that could be evaluated using AI either in-clinic or from a more natural setting, such as a patient’s home. And at the 2020 Machine Learning for Healthcare Conference (MLHC), IBM and the Michael J. Fox Foundation intend to detail a disease progression model that pinpoints how far a person’s Parkinson’s has advanced.