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Your Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 7/6/20

Monday July 06, 2020
New Method Reveals how the Parkinson's Protein
Damages Cell Membranes
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences via Medical Xpress
The new method from the researchers at Chalmers University of Technology makes it possible to study tiny quantities of biological molecules without using fluorescent markers. This is a great advantage when tracking natural reactions, since the markers often affect the reactions you want to observe, especially when working with small proteins such as α-synuclein.
What Are Common Catalysts of Early Morning
OFF Periods in Patients With Parkinson's
Translational Neurodegeneration via AJMC
Early morning OFF periods (EMO) can be predicted by seven symptoms in people with Parkinson's, according to study findings. The authors highlight the paucity of data examining EMO particularly among Asian populations. 
"Due to the financial and health impacts related to EMO, researchers noted the crucial need to form a convenient and pragmatic screening tool. They aimed to create a self-assessment instrument that characterizes clinical features of EMO in a Chinese population."
From Parkinson's to Peanut Allergy,
Pandemic Puts Brakes on New Drugs
The expensive and complicated process of launching drugs has become harder during lockdowns or other restrictions to tackle the pandemic.
“We don’t believe there will be any kind of ‘new normal’ until there are effective (COVID-19) vaccines,” said Barry Greene, president of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc (ALNY.O), which makes treatments for genetic disorders.