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Your Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 7/27/20

Monday July 27, 2020
'Doctors Told Me I Had Mom Fatigue.
In Reality, I Had Young Onset Parkinson’s"
Women's Health
"At first, a primary care doctor brushed off my concerns as 'mom fatigue.' In the wake of a contentious divorce, I had a lot on my plate working full-time and raising three boys on my own. But I wasn’t willing to take that as an answer...
Once the initial shock of my diagnosis wore off, I took a good look at my life and the way I wanted to live it.
In early 2018, I realized that my sons needed a strong mother, and I was not going to let them come home to a mom who had given up on herself. I had to start focusing on the one thing I could control: slowing the progression of my symptoms."
Journal of Parkinson's Disease Awards First Parkinson Prizes
Journal of Parkinson's Disease via EurekAlert!
The Journal of Parkinson's Disease and its publisher IOS Press are proud to announce the two articles that have won the first Parkinson Prize, recognizing these outstanding contributions to the advancement to Parkinson's disease research.
Celebrating 30 years with the Americans with Disabilities Act!
We can all learn more about rights and protections established by the Americans with Disabilities Act and how we can challenge the social and medical models of disability. Let’s keep working to build a society that values each person’s contribution and where opportunity is accessible for all. 
A Mother Hid Her Early Parkinson’s Diagnosis For 10 Years,
and Wishes She Hadn’t
 "I think keeping it private for as long as I did affected my mindset ultimately," Grill explains. "It really caused a lot of personal stress trying to hide it for that long." So after 10 years of hiding her diagnosis, she realized she had to change her lifestyle and come clean. But her youngest daughter had already figured out that something was wrong, and sans any clear explanation from her parents, took matters into her own hands.