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Your Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 11.23.20

Monday November 23, 2020
SpeechVive Offers Free Software for Parkinson's Speech Device
Purdue University via Parkinson's News Today
“The SpeechVive device, which fits behind the patient’s ear, detects when a patient is speaking and elicits louder and clearer speech through an involuntary reflex known as the Lombard Effect,” said lead researcher, Jessica Huber, PhD.
The Lombard Effect is the tendency for people to speak more loudly when they are in noisy environments. The SpeechVive device triggers the Lombard Effect by creating a noisy environment when there is none — basically playing “background noise” into a person’s ear.
"SpeechVive is partnering with speech-language pathologists and neurologists to provide training and remote device programming for people with Parkinson’s. The software and training are being made available to all speech-language pathologists and their patients, and to Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers and veterans with Parkinson’s."
New Technique Developed to Study Cell Types in Parkinson’s
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have developed a new method for isolating a type of brain cell associated with Parkinson’s symptoms, enabling them to study that cell type in detail. 
The team noted that the datasets from their study are part of a larger effort to build machine learning models that will help researchers interpret disease mechanisms by looking at how particular DNA sequences respond to different conditions across types of cells.
“We’re learning how to talk to cells, to speak their language,” Lawler said.
A Gift Guide for Shopping From Home This Black Friday
Parkinson's News Today
"Avoid the maskless coughers and sneezers standing in front of you at the checkout lines who refuse to social distance. Shop from home and avoid the anxiety (and the germs)! 
Each year on my Parkinson’s blog, I write a post on Christmas gift-giving with ideas such as weighted blankets, weighted forks, or weighted pens, and walkers, canes, or other means of “transportation.” The lists go on, including ideas we may have heard of before and ideas we don’t want to hear about again!"