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Your Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 10.7.19

Monday October 07, 2019
First In Israel:
Surgery That Removes Shaking Due To Parkinson’s
Frontlines News
In this complex and innovative surgery, the surgeon uses a computer mouse instead of a knife. Developed by the innovative Israeli company InSightec, the procedure is performed utilizing ultrasound waves while the patient lies within a MRI machine wearing a special helmet.
Parkinson's is Also Present in the Blood
Medical Xpress
Immune cells in the blood, which contain (or express) a certain receptor called CD163 on their surface, migrate into the brains of those with Parkinson's. It has been thought that the cells help to clean up the accumulations of the alpha-synuclein which damages the brain, but with the present study, it is now suggested that the cells in question are already incorrectly regulated in the bloodstream—before they reach the brain.
"This leads us to believe that it might be possible to, at the very least, slow down the degeneration of the neurons in the brain of Parkinson's patients by regulating the immune system with medicine," says Sara Konstantin Nissen.
Shoe-Mounted Laser to 'Unfreeze'
People with Parkinson's Scoops €1 Million Prize
A shoe-mounted laser beam helps people with Parkinson's 'unfreeze' by shining a green line in front of their feet: the Path Finder is a device invented in 2014 by Danish entrepreneur Lise Pape, whose father suffers from Parkinson's. It aims to help people overcome gait freezing.