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Your Parkinson's News Update for the Week of 10.14.19

Monday October 14, 2019
Understanding Protein Aggregation over Time
Can Help Decipher Early Stages of Parkinson's
News Medical
For the first time, scientists observed how variants of the Parkinson's-associated protein alpha-synuclein change over time and were able to identify the initial stages of protein aggregates linked to early onset of familial cases of the condition. This study tries to understand what mechanisms trigger aggregation, neuronal cell loss, and degeneration, neither how toxic the aggregates and the oligomers are to the cells.
Pioneering clinical Trial to Treat Psychosis
in Parkinson's Patients Using Cannabidiol (CBD)
Medical Xpress
Parkinson's UK leads this first large-scale trial: the study aims to provide preliminary evidence for the safety and efficacy of CBD to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's-related psychosis.
"The three-and-a-half-year project is part of the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech, led by Parkinson's UK, which is plugging the funding gap in drug development and fast-tracking the projects with the greatest scientific potential, to transform the lives of people with Parkinson's. Unlike traditional biotech companies, patient priorities and involvement are the primary drivers of the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech."
Is Bipolar Disorder Associated with
Increased Risk of Parkinson's?
This summary covers a recent study of the relationship between bipolar disorder and the possible correlation with Parkinson's. In view of its limitations, researchers stipulate that, although they found an association between the two conditions, further study will be necessary.