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News Update for the Week of 3.2.20

Monday March 02, 2020
Dance for Impact: Participants Discover
‘A Sense of Joy’ in Parkinson’s Group
The Spokesman Review
Dance for PD now is in more than 300 locations worldwide, including Spokane. "On March 13 & 14, its national program director, David Leventhal, is scheduled to host a training workshop at Gonzaga University for new instructors from various states attending a regional dance conference.
'There is a lot of interest in training workshops,' Leventhal said in a recent phone interview. He also plans to be at an 11 a.m. March 14 Parkinson’s dance class at GU that’s open to the public."
Promising Drug Could Treat Debilitating Movement Problems
in People with Parkinson's
40 to 50% of all people with Parkinson's will experience dyskinesia (involuntary movements) after just five years of taking levodopa, and up to 80% of people will experience it after ten years of taking the medication.
Parkinson's UK has funded the research of a new drug meant to address dyskinesia: it aims to reduce dyskinesia by decreasing the amount of dopamine the cells release. BioNLX-112 targets serotonin cells inside the brain, believed to contribute to the development of dyskinesia, by releasing dopamine in an erratic manner.
Pingpong May Help Reduce Some Parkinson’s Symptoms
Psych Central
After 12 people with Parkinson’s participated in a pingpong exercise program once a week for six months, they each experienced improvements in several symptoms, including facial expressions, posture and rigidity. The participants were also better at getting dressed and getting out of bed.
How Makeup Artist Terri Bryant Is Using
Her Parkinson's Diagnosis to Reinvent Makeup
"Her changing abilities have since required her to rethink the tools she uses to apply makeup. Many of her traditional tools weren't providing the stability she needed and knew was achievable, so she starting meeting with ergonomic experts and developing her own. That research and dedication resulted in Guide Beauty, her new cosmetics brand. Guide is not just a makeup brand; it's also dedicated to makeup education and expanding the idea of how makeup tools should work."