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News Update for the Week of 2.3.20

Monday February 03, 2020
Researchers Discover New Piece of the Puzzle for Parkinson's
Medical Xpress
New understanding of a determinant gene shines light on the domino effect leading to Parkinson's. This allows for greater study and potential for intervention: "Biomedical scientists at KU Leuven have discovered that a defect in the ATP13A2 gene causes cell death by disrupting the cellular transport of polyamines. When this happens in the part of the brain that controls body movement, it can lead to Parkinson's."
EU Funds €3m Project to Develop Nanodevices
against Epilepsy and Parkinson's
Launched in January 2020, the project is focused on creating nano or very small technology that aids in improving symptoms of epilpesy and Parkinson's. These devices would manipulate and measure ions such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, which are the messengers underlying the communication between nerve cells.
"This would make it possible to modulate and modify cell activity, activating or turning them off depending on the needs. In Parkinson's, it could [work] on the neurons responsible for symptoms".
Announcing New Parkinson's & Poetry Podcast
NW Parkinson's
April is National Parkinson's Awareness and National Poetry Month: during the 2nd Annual Parkinson’s & Poetry, NW Parkinson’s Foundation will be featuring an original poem everyday in April–written, read and recorded by Northwest Parkinson’s community members. Submit poetry and tune in at parkinsons.poetry.blog