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News Update for the Week of 2.17.20

Monday February 17, 2020
New Molecule Shows Promise for Parkinson’s Treatment
Medical News Today
“One of the biggest challenges for Parkinson’s research is how to get drugs past the blood-brain barrier, so the exciting discovery of BT13 has opened up a new avenue for research to explore, and the molecule holds great promise as a way to slow or stop Parkinson’s,” comments Prof. Dexter, who was not involved in the current research.
Biomarker for Parkinson's May Originate in the Gut
Medical Xpress
Researchers have used the latest findings on Parkinson's and the gut in studies with mice. They followed misfolding of the protein alpha-synuclein to trace evidence of a biomarker, or indicator:
"Caltech researchers have seeded α-Syn aggregates in neurons in the gut and discovered that these clumps can travel up to affect neurons in the brain—but this process depends on age."
Parkinson's Protein Structure Solved Inside Cells
Using Novel Technique
View the latest rendering of the Parkinson's-related protein LRRK2, depicted inside the magnifying glass. Reika Watanabe and colleagues used cryo-electron microscopy to look up close at the structure.