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Your Weekly News Updates for the Week of 5/7/18

Monday May 07, 2018
"Living Life to the Fullest with Parkinson’s"
Idaho Speakeasy
An in-depth feature of Brad Perry, NWPF community activist and Young Onset support group leader.
"Socks with Sensors Being Tested to Detect Early Signs of Walking Disorders"
Parkinson's Daily
Researchers at Old Dominion University in Virginia are working on developing washable socks that are wired with movement sensors. These socks will be able to detect step numbers and gait patterns as well before symptoms common in walking disorders are detected. 
"Stanford Researchers Uncover Complex Neural Pathways Associated with Parkinson's disease"
Stanford Daily
A recent study by Stanford University using lab mice found that under different conditions, new neural pathways have been discovered. These pathways hold neurons that control movement. 
"Brain Signal Discovery May Let Parkinson's Patients
Sleep through Brain Surgery"
New Atlas
Researchers at the Bionics Institute in Melbourne discovered that the target area for electrode placement in the brain gives surgeons a unique guide to perform deep brain stimulation. This finding presents an opportunity for creating a device that can detect changes in brain signals.