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VIDEO: New Approaches to Treating Parkinson's Disease

Wednesday February 24, 2016

New Day Northwest, KING5 - Watch video here.

Dr. Pinky Agarwal is a Neurologist from EvergreenHealth, today she is here to talk to us about a new approach to treating Parkinson's disease. Specifically, Dr. Agarwal is a fellowship-trained movement disorders neurologist at the EvergreenHealth Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center.

Dr. Agarwal will not only touch base on the main symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but she will also tells us the less common secondary symptoms to look out for. She also will talk about clinical trials, and how people with Parkinson's can become involved in those, and also how Parkinson's medication can create some pretty large challenges.

To learn about these clinical trials, dial the number below, or visit the website.

EvergreenHealth Research - 425-899-5385


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