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NWPF: Your PD Partner

Thursday December 21, 2017

Listen to Melissa Tribelhorn, Interim Executive Director, speak about the organization's focus in 2018.

Listen to John Lapham, speaker at the 5th Annual Celebrate! Dinner & Auction, talk about what it is like to be diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's Disease.

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The Thief vs. A Superhero

Wednesday December 13, 2017

Parkinson’s Disease is a thief. It is insidious. It is sneaky. It is destructive. It sneaks up unsuspected and does it’s best to diminish one’s quality-of-life, self-esteem, and ability to be self-reliant.

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The Parkinson's Pandemic

Tuesday December 12, 2017

What is a “pandemic”? It’s a widespread epidemic, a high occurrence of a disease spread over a large area, crossing borders and draining resources on a huge scale.

What is the scope of the oncoming Parkinson’s pandemic? According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, between “1990 and 2015, the prevalence of Parkinson’s more than doubled and it is estimated that 6.9 million people across the globe have the disease. By 2040, researchers believe that number of people with Parkinson’s will grow to 14.2 million as the population ages and the rate of growth will outpace Alzheimer’s.”

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Parkinson's and Profanity

Monday November 27, 2017

As I’ve pointed out before, Parkinson’s has its own vocabulary, if not its own language. This ugly brute of a disease is adorned lavishly in terrific words and phrases, like a warthog wearing pearls. I hate experiencing festination, emotional incontinence, dyskinesia and postural instability, but as words, they are colorful, have interesting etymologies, and are esoteric yet highly useful on their turf. For a word-hoarder, connoisseur or aficionado, they are irresistible.

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Parkinson's Pain by Proxy

Tuesday October 17, 2017

There is a moment familiar to most of you who have had Parkinson’s Disease for awhile. It’s the increment of time between the failure of every frantic effort you could make to avoid a fall, and the impact. It’s when you see the floor rising up to meet your accelerating mass, with nothing you can do to stop it. A moment that is given over to the message “This is going to hurt.” The only questions are how much, and how long.

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Autoimmune Diseases

Monday September 25, 2017

Full disclosure: I am not a doctor, nurse, therapist or any type of medical professional. I do, however, live with a chronic (it’s never going away) and progressive (it’s going to get worse) disease: Parkinson’s. What I am about to share comes from personal experience, medical research, media and other reference material. Any errors of fact or conclusion are mine.

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The Most Interesting Men in the World

Monday September 18, 2017

The Most Interesting Man in the World was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and said, “I don’t always get a disease, but when I do there is no cure.” Not really, but that’s what passes as PD humor.

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What Dreams May Come…

Monday September 11, 2017

Willie the Bard—better known as William Shakespeare—was not only a genius, he was prescient. It may be that he was one of the first sleep scientists. The entire quote from Hamlet demonstrates a knowledge of sleep that didn’t become common knowledge until the 20th century, more than 300 years later: Willie the Bard—better known as William Shakespeare—was not only a genius, he was prescient. It may be that he was one of the first sleep scientists. The entire quote from Hamlet demonstrates a knowledge of sleep that didn’t become common knowledge until the 20th century, more than 300 years later:

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Book Review: on Carrying the Black Bag

Monday August 28, 2017

Dr. Tom Hutton spent most of his professional life as a neurologist in Texas, teaching medical students at Texas Tech and seeing patients, many of whom had Parkinson’s. Carrying the Black Bag is a bagful of stories. Some are autobiographical, such as the long chapter about how a thumb injury in a high school football practice led to his becoming a doctor rather than a lawyer.

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Make Anger Your Ally

Monday August 21, 2017

One thing I did not expect to feel when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease was anger. Terror? Well, yeah! Depression? I should say so! Disappointment? No jive! But anger? Anger at whom? And anger about what, exactly?

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