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Saturday December 29, 2012

Wondering what others are reading about? We analyzed 17,000 views from 106 countries to determine the top 5 posts of 2012.

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What are you grateful for this holiday season?

Monday December 17, 2012

A positive attitude and gratitude for that which adds meaning and value to life can help you deal with life’s set backs, frustrations and improve health related problems.

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How can I tell whether medications are wearing off or Parkinson’s disease is progressing?

Tuesday November 27, 2012

How Parkinson’s motor symptoms respond to dopaminergic medication changes over time.

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Can a person with Parkinson’s give blood?

Monday November 12, 2012

Parkinson’s disease is not a condition transmitted by blood so having PD does not exclude a person from giving blood.

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When is the right time to start Levodopa?

Thursday November 08, 2012

Levodopa (carbidopa/levodopa or Sinemet) is an effective treatment for motor symptoms. Yet levodopa is associated with motor complications such as:

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Can acupuncture help PD symptoms?

Monday October 29, 2012

Acupuncture is based on the belief that a certain life-force energy (“chi”) flows throughout your body along energy pathways called meridians.

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Support the Caregiver in your Life

Sunday October 21, 2012

November is national caregiver month and a fitting time to show gratitude toward the carepartner or caregiver in our live.

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Power of the mind to move treatment further

Wednesday October 10, 2012

I have just completed a series of on mind-body medicine and the power of the mind in improving one’s outlook, treatment outcomes and perhaps life trajectory when living with a chronic condition.

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Top 10 Foods for Parkinson’s (and counting!)

Monday September 17, 2012

The following are a list of top 10 foods for PD and the reason(s) why:

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How can I prevent dizziness?

Tuesday September 04, 2012

Dizziness can have multiple causes in Parkinson's. Most common, is low blood pressure, specifically a drop in blood pressure with standing a condition caused orthostatic hypotension.

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