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Could PD Raise Stroke Risk?

Thursday February 23, 2017

A large new analysis suggests there may be some type of link between Parkinson's disease and the risk for stroke.

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Dance for Parkinson's keeps families moving and connecting

Monday February 20, 2017

When Beth Hoekstra joined a dance class aimed at families with members suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the Sammamish resident improved her flexibility and gained a community in the process.

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Parkinson's Rules

Monday February 27, 2017

Over the 14 years following my Parkinson’s Disease diagnoses I have developed a body of rules for living with PD. These are not “guidelines” or “suggestions.” The violation of these rules can result in severe consequences, up to and including death, of you, or someone accidentally standing in your vicinity. What are these rules, and what do you need to know about them?. Read on, and we’ll run through a few.

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Book Review: Everybody Has a Window and Aisle Seat

Friday February 17, 2017

The first question a prospective reader will want answered about this book is what its title means. Mary Huston McLendon seems to believe that it is better to choose the window seat on the journey with Parkinson’s.

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Taboo Topics: Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's

Tuesday October 25, 2016

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Parkinson's Post, Summer 2016

  • Bicycle, Bicycle (Active Parkinson's Group)
  • Welcoming the Inland Empire
  • Being an Artist with Parkinson's
  • Change is Possible
  • A Carepartner's Thoughts on HOPE
  • Book Review - Old Age: A Beginner's Guide
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Tim Hague's Blog

Thoughts about Parkinson's from "Amazing Race Canda" winner, Tim Hague, Sr. Hague 0154 

In December of 2015 I took a leave of absence from my nursing career that has turned into my taking a permanent leave due to my Parkinson's. Most of us have had dreams of what it might be like to take early retirement, hit the beach and live the high life. Well, my reality is not quite that. Don't get me wrong. It's not that it's been so bad, it's just that it's not been that great. Read More

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