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Tipping Point of Parkinson's Disease, Discovered by Cambridge University


Scientists believe they have found the tipping point in the brain which triggers Parkinson’s Disease in a breakthrough which brings hope of future therapies.
February 02, 2015

More American men diagnosed with Parkinson's


Rates of Parkinson's disease may be on the rise for U.S. men over the past three decades, and the trend could be tied to declines in smoking, a new study suggests.
June 20, 2016

Cancer drug shows early promise for Parkinson's disease


A drug used to treat leukemia has shown initial signs of promise for advanced cases of Parkinson's disease, researchers are reporting.
July 14, 2016



Sometimes we're faced with making big decisions. When you also have Parkinson's there may be more to consider. Bill Clugston shares about his decision to retire early and take control of his Parkinson…
October 04, 2018

Parkinson's could be slowed with existing drug


Researchers have discovered a drug that has long been used to treat liver disease could also be used to slow down the effects of Parkinson's disease.
August 10, 2015

New clinical trial focuses on respiratory drug ambroxol for treatment of Parkinson's disease


A medication approved to treat various respiratory diseases and that has demonstrated neuroprotective effects in preclinical studies is the focus of a new clinical trial for Parkinson's disease.
February 23, 2016

Exoskeleton Could Quell the Tremors of Parkinson's Disease Patients at Crucial Moments


Parkinson’s disease brings on the shakes, and these tremors often get worse as the disease progresses. To prevent this symptom from interfering with patients’ daily lives, researchers in London have d…
June 29, 2016

Internet Visits with Parkinson’s Specialist Can Be as Effective as In-person Visits, Trial Finds


Virtual house calls with a neurologist can be as effective as in-person visits for Parkinson’s disease patients, offering convenience and comfort, a clinical trial indicates.
August 22, 2017

Cholesterol Medication Simvastatin Tested As Potential Treatment For Parkinson's Disease In New Clinical Trial


The Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry are currently carrying out a clinical trial in which they’re using the treatment on 198 Parkinson’s disease patients who aren’t curr…
January 12, 2016

Pfizer and IBM Launch Innovative Research Project to Transform Parkinson's Disease Care


Pfizer and IBM are launching an innovative new research project focused on Parkinson’s disease, which the companies hope will ultimately help deliver better care to patients and speed up clinical tria…
April 07, 2016

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