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Medicines used to treat Parkinson's disease include: Medicines for Movement Medicines for Non-motor Symptoms Medicines for movement fall into two categories: Anticholinergic Medicines (block…
July 07, 2016

Exenatide has Potential as a Disease Modifying Agent in Parkinson's Disease


A follow-up study of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) who participated in an earlier "proof of concept" clinical trial using exenatide showed that improvements persisted twelve months after disc…
May 06, 2014

For Patients with Parkinson's Disease, Expensive Placebo Works Better


In a recent study, an "expensive" salt solution was shown to to be significantly more effective at managing the symptoms of patients with Parkinson's disease than an "inexpensive" one. The salt soluti…
February 01, 2015

FDA lifts clinical hold on NeuroDerm's ND0612 to treat Parkinson's disease


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has lifted the clinical hold on Israeli pharmaceutical firm NeuroDerm's US clinical studies of its primary product candidates, ND0612H and ND0612L, which are …
May 11, 2015

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