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All programs listed are independent or sponsored by their host agency. This list is intended as a service to the Northwest Parkinson's community; NWPF does not manage or sponsor the programs listed (e…
January 21, 2020

Can yoga help Parkinson's patients?


The focus on yoga as a possible therapy for Parkinson's stems from its gentleness and its emphasis on breathing, strength and flexibility.
September 11, 2016

Yoga for Every Body: Experts say yoga can ease pain and improve mobility for people with neurologic conditions


People with a variety of neurologic conditions who try yoga report tangible physical improvements such as increased flexibility and range of motion, better balance, increased strength, and less fatigu…
April 11, 2016

Surprising Ways Yoga and Meditation Can Heal


For seniors and their caregivers, sustaining good mental health can be an immense challenge. The stresses of aging, illness, and providing constant care can take such an emotional toll. So, if you are…
April 10, 2019

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