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Advanced Stage Symptoms


Late stage PD is differentiated by the emergence of symptoms non-responsive to dopaminergic medicine. Late stage can also include the motor complications described in Mid-Stage (motor fluctuations a…
March 02, 2014

Disease Progression


PROGRESSION of symptoms Parkinson's disease typically starts on one side of the body in the arms and legs and does spreads to the other side over time. Axial symptoms are present later in disease a…
February 20, 2018

Mid Stage Treatment


On-Off flucutations Treatment of motor flucutations requires additional medication with the goal of Reducing off time Increasing on time Levodopa ¬†dosing strength can be increased, the num…
May 05, 2016

Mid Stage Symptoms


Mid stage PD is marked by motor complications. Medications are still effective but no longer control symptoms smoothly throughout the day. ¬† Motor complications described below are divided into two…
May 05, 2016

Life Planning


Long term care planning unlike other action items, includes planning for the worst case scenario and preparing for end of life. Although this may seem far off, being proactive and discussing the possi…
February 21, 2014

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