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Isolation and Parkinson's Disease, The hiding and the hidden


Studies have found that social interaction lessens depression, a common problem associated with Parkinson’s, and that interactions with family and friends increase mental stimulation. These, are well-…
April 08, 2016

Parkinson's and Free Will


If anything should drive you into the arms of philosophy, it would be Parkinson’s Disease. Once you are diagnosed, all sorts of philosophical problems are in your face. Plus, you have lots of new time…
June 06, 2016

Tipping Points


14 years into diagnosis, the falls still come as a surprise. One minute I’m upright and sailing along, the next the asphalt is rushing up at me. The alarms sound, the adrenaline spikes, the needles ju…
August 16, 2016

Snake Oil, the Cure for Parkinson's.


Ask a Snake Oil Salesman! Did you know that Snake Oil will cure Parkinson’s Disease? It’s absolutely guaranteed! I see some of you furrowing your brows and looking at me all squinty-like, as if you d…
September 12, 2016

Parkinson’s and Luck


I was diagnosed at 43 years old with Parkinson’s Disease. Bad luck, right? I suppose. I hadn’t done anything conscious to court the disease, and had none apparent in my family history. It was just a…
January 23, 2015

Leading the life of malicious whimsy


A friend who underwent successful ​Deep Brain Stimulation surgery told me that now, with major motor problems sidelined, she was free to savor “the finer miseries of Parkinson’s.” Among these finer mi…
October 09, 2015

On the scent of Parkinson’s disease


That shaking that you felt over the last few weeks was the Parkinson’s Disease world getting rocked by the news that a Scottish woman can detect PD by a subtle “musky” odor given off by those afflicte…
October 30, 2015

Alexithymia, the Parkinson’s Get Out of Jail Free Card


Parkinson’s disease, ever the over-achiever, brings with it a host of symptoms. You’d think that gait disorder, freezing, tremor, micrographia, dyskinesia, depression, dystonia, hallucinations, apathy…
May 16, 2016

Dare to Attend a Support Group


You are in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. You cope well with symptoms, and when your trusty meds are well adjusted, so are you. Most people, in the course of casual contact, can’t even tell…
August 01, 2016

Rhonda Foulds, Outrunning Parkinson's Disease


Superman. Hercules. Rhonda Foulds. Three beings with preternatural strength. But only one of them is real. Real enough to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, back in 1999, at the age of 35. Why doe…
October 10, 2016

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