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Parkinson's Post, Summer 2016


Bicycle, Bicycle (Active Parkinson's Group) Welcoming the Inland Empire Being an Artist with Parkinson's Change is Possible A Carepartner's Thoughts on HOPE Book Review - Old Age: A Beginner's Guide …
July 11, 2016

Parkinson's Toolkit


You’ve got Parkinson’s? Better pack your tool kit.  What goes in it? Here are some of the essentials. Patience. If you’re not good at this, you need to practice. Everything takes longer with Parkinson…
June 01, 2021

Lending Library


Northwest Parkinson's Lending Library Looking for a page-turner about Parkinson's, an encyclopedia, or both?  Whether you'd like to better understand or differently experience life with Parkinson's,…
March 14, 2019

Parkinson's Post, Fall 2020


Telemedicine, COVID-19 & the NW Parkinson's Community "On Fire": an interview with author, A.C. Woolnough Support group leaders from around the Northwest Evergreen Hospital, the Booth Gardner Par…
November 16, 2020

Horse Sense & Parkinson's


Peter Dunlap-Shohl runs with the horses—manure, Parkinson's, and all.
June 29, 2018

Aiming for Well-Being


Move. Connect. Engage." - NWPF Defining well-being has, for centuries, been the concern of philosophers. In recent years, however, the topic has attracted the attention of scientists within various…
December 10, 2014

Hello from Canada!


Hello from Canada! It is a real honor for me that Steve Wright and the gang at Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation have asked me to be a regular contributing writer for this blog. It is my hope that wh…
December 31, 2014

Tug, tug, tug


"What's it feel like to have Parkinson's?" This was the gist of a conversation I was having recently with a friend whose father also has the disease. I enjoyed the conversation so much that it inspir…
August 24, 2015

Present Moment


"Present Moment is a collaborative film project documenting a family negotiating the realities of a longterm, degenerative illness: Parkinson's Disease. The film is a celebration of living life well -…
November 03, 2015



Yes, I have Parkinson’s; I’m the first of Jeff Camp’s sons; As far as aunts, uncles and cousins. I’m the only one!
December 24, 2015

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