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Parkinson’s Disease and Sleeping with the Enemy


My first few years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s were crazy — trying to get the timing of the drugs right, the dosages, the amounts, dealing with side effects.
August 09, 2017

Deep Brain Stimulation May Ease Some Parkinson's Pain for Years


People with Parkinson's disease who undergo deep brain stimulation may experience long-term pain relief, a small, new study from Korea suggests. However, three-quarters of the patients developed new p…
March 23, 2015

Reimagining Our Approach to Parkinson’s


Parkinson’s has no scruples. It doesn’t play fair. It hits below the belt. It has no use for the Marquis of Queensbury Rules nor the finer points of dueling etiquette. What if instead of framing our s…
September 24, 2018

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