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2016 HOPE Montana


September 27, 2016

NWPF Conferences


NWPF hosts educational and inspirational confrences for the Northwest Parkinson's community each year, including What to Expect and the flagship HOPE Conference®. Our conferences feature national expe…
December 05, 2016

Re-Prioritizing Hopes


With over ten years gone since my diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease, I’m trying to tamp down my greatest hope. That selfish and obvious hope? Of course, it’s for a PD cure. What’s the problem wit…
April 21, 2014

Life's a Lot Better with NWPF


A conversation with A.C. Woolnough, member of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council, a PDF Research Advocate and an assistant state director for Parkinson’s Actio…
August 29, 2016



Hal Newsom, author of HOPE and founding Board member of Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation, will share his thoughts occasionally with you. Here’s his first blog.
May 05, 2015

"Advice" to a person with Advancing Parkinson's Disease


A few weeks ago a social worker/counselor came to my apartment to help me examine how I was handling my advancing Parkinson’s Disease. ...I have no “advice” to give. What I can offer is my personal ex…
March 04, 2016

Notes on Hope


September 26, 2015 is the day the NWPF’s Annual HOPE Conference will be held. I, like many of you have already registered to attend. Since signing up I have found myself reflecting and initiating conv…
August 28, 2015

The Evolution of HOPE


We sat down with Pete Beidler, Parkinson's Ambassador Extraordinaire, to hear his thoughts on living with Parkinson's, the HOPE Conference and volunteering with NWPF. PB: Get on over to Bellevue on…
September 11, 2015

Book review: Shake Well Before Use


Tom Isaacs will be familiar to anyone who attended the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation’s 2015 HOPE conference in Seattle... Shake Well Before Use is Tom Isaacs’s detailed account of his year-long wal…
March 18, 2016

Living with Hope


We sat down with Terry Harrigan, NWPF's Volunteer Director of Engagement, to hear her thoughts on living with Parkinson's, the HOPE Conference and volunteering with NWPF. TH: I am happier now than…
September 04, 2015

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