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Acting out your dreams- a sleep problem in Parkinson's disease


REM sleep disorder is a condition described as active, vivid and sometimes violent dreaming. Bed-partners describe restless dreaming that can include talking, screaming, punching and even getting out…
August 16, 2013

Are hallucinations caused by Parkinson’s?


Hallucinations are often described as “seeing things that aren’t there.” In Parkinson’s, hallucinations are most commonly visual and described as objects, people or animals.
April 09, 2012

My Exercise Program


Exercise is an important part of your Parkinson's treatment. Tracking and logging you exercise is a simple way to stay on track with your goals. The following exercise log is designed to help you set…
July 26, 2016

Benefits of Exercise for Parkinson's


It’s no secret that exercise can help people cope with Parkinson’s disease, but now you can fully understand how exercise benefits your body, brain, and psychological health. Hear from nationally accl…
November 04, 2014

Parkinson’s fitness programs need to be tailored to the individual to get results


Begin by consulting with your medical exercise team (your healthcare provider, physical therapist and exercise trainer with medical expertise).
July 14, 2012

What is important to you?


Help us make this site yours! Let us know what is of interest to you and the Parkinson’s topics you would like to learn about by commenting to this post
April 14, 2012

Is gambling a side effect of medicine?


Impulsivity control problems can be a side effect of dopaminergic medicines used to treat Parkinson’s.
February 29, 2012

When to see a physical therapist


I was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease 3 years ago and have never seen a physical therapist. How do I know when I need one? Physical therapy (PT) helps movement and muscular strength. A physical …
February 08, 2012

Take a Hint from PD


It’s March, 2000. I’m lost in the Spandex of the Tour of Anchorage pre-race crowd. I gawk at all the super-fit athletes around me and try to reassure myself I’m prepared to cross-country ski 50 kilome…
June 24, 2014

Get Moving!


There is an ongoing discussion regarding physical activity and Parkinson’s. We often hear quotes that exercise will help, if not outright cure, many of the symptoms we face with PD. And I believe it’s…
May 26, 2015

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