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Cambuslang woman diagnosed with Parkinson's at 42 is set to trek through Alps


A young woman has vowed to conquer not only an Alpine adventure but also the challenges in her life as she continues to come to terms with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.
August 05, 2016

Woman battling Parkinson's disease to try out for 'American Ninja Warrior'


Allison Toepperwein, 38, nearly paralyzed by disease 3 years ago
May 29, 2016

Smell Test Plus Imaging May Spot Parkinson's Early


Olfactory testing coupled with dopamine transporter (DAT) imaging can help identify people likely to develop clinical signs of Parkinson's disease (PD), a new study hints. Among a cohort of hyposom…
June 18, 2014

Parkinson's causes his body to freeze up. Only one thing gets him moving again.


I’m on the heavy bag, throwing left jabs, ignoring the relentless blare of Kanye’s “Drive Slow, Homie” played at a volume that would raise the dead. I punch to a one-two count: left jab, right cross. …
May 09, 2016

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