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Caregiving: Ken's Story


When I started attending PD caregiver support groups I was impressed by the heroic stories of difficult caregiving needs and caregiver efforts.
February 12, 2016

Ten for David


On Saturday, June 4, 2016, Peter G. Beidler gave the opening remarks at a seminar on treatment options for Parkinson’s disease at a PD University seminar at Skyline in central Seattle. We asked him if…
July 25, 2016

Tipping Points


14 years into diagnosis, the falls still come as a surprise. One minute I’m upright and sailing along, the next the asphalt is rushing up at me. The alarms sound, the adrenaline spikes, the needles ju…
August 16, 2016

Book Review: The Perapatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease


It is always good to hear about Parkinson’s from the people who know it best — the men and women who have the disease. The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease gives us a welcome window into the l…
October 04, 2016

Introducing NWPF's New Social Services Manager: Sarah Winter, MSW, LICSW


"NWPF has a wonderful culture of responsiveness to and engagement with the Parkinson's community. I hope to continue this work by building bridges with individuals, providers, and communities througho…
February 07, 2017

Look beyond Parkinson’s when symptoms change quickly


An abrupt change in PD symptoms may be caused by a problem other than PD. Treatment therefore may require a different approach then simply changing Parkinson’s medicines.
August 31, 2013

How can I tell whether medications are wearing off or Parkinson’s disease is progressing?


How Parkinson’s motor symptoms respond to dopaminergic medication changes over time.
November 27, 2012

Parkinson’s and Luck


I was diagnosed at 43 years old with Parkinson’s Disease. Bad luck, right? I suppose. I hadn’t done anything conscious to court the disease, and had none apparent in my family history. It was just a…
January 23, 2015

On the scent of Parkinson’s disease


That shaking that you felt over the last few weeks was the Parkinson’s Disease world getting rocked by the news that a Scottish woman can detect PD by a subtle “musky” odor given off by those afflicte…
October 30, 2015

Book Review: A Complete Guide for Patients and Families


To live with Parkinson’s disease is to live in a world of changes—changes in our symptoms, changes in our ability to cope, changes in medication. The announced goal of the authors of Parkinson’s Disea…
December 18, 2015

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