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Top medicines that worsen Parkinson’s disease or cause secondary parkinsonism


Some medications can worsen movement symptoms of PD, including slowness, stiffness, tremor and dyskinesia.
October 04, 2013

Is leg pain a symptom of Parkinson's?


Leg pain can be significant and have many causes; some related to Parkinson’s disease, some that increase in frequency with age and others that are more common in both conditions.
September 25, 2013

What is atypical parkinsonism and how does it differ from PD?


Atypical parkinson’s, parkinsonism, and parkinson’s plus are all terms used to describe syndromes that share features similar to Parkinson’s disease but are different conditions.
June 24, 2013

What causes hallucinations?


Hallucinations are a side effect associated with dopaminergic medicines used to treat Parkinson’s disease motor symptoms.
April 21, 2013

My mom has PD and almost every evening, any time between ...


My mom has PD and almost every evening, any time between 4-8 pm she experiences hot flashes, she gets really red and hot from the neck up, while the rest of her body is cold. Is this a PD symptom? We…
March 05, 2013

Does DBS affect speech?


DBS treats movement symptoms of Parkinson’s specifically tremor, dystonia motor offs and dyskinesia.
May 22, 2012

Walking and balance can significantly impact quality of life- but is treatable.


Movement symptoms such as tremor, rigidity and slowness are the hallmark symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
May 16, 2012

How Could I Be So Wrong?


It’s hard to avoid a bit of hysteria on being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. To be scientifically rational and ruthlessly objective is hard even under the best circumstances. Nobody would confuse…
August 26, 2014

Doctor's Visits


A caregiver's life includes many doctor's visits. There's the primary of course, then there are all the specialists. In the past, this blog has discussed how to choose a doctor. This blog is about how…
May 29, 2015

The uncooperative patient


I shouldn’t be writing this. I'm deep into the far side of the time I thought I had. My fingers should be either too stiff, too ridden with tremor or too wild with dyskinesia to find the keys. Yet the…
July 10, 2015

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