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Ode to Parkinson’s- Poem from Member


Ode to Parkinson’s. Posted with Permission by Author John Tripp, Diagnosed with PD 2006.
April 25, 2012

Parkinson's Boosts Creativity: Study


If you are in a creative profession, Parkinson's may be a blessing in disguise as researchers have found that patients of the nerve cells disease in the area of brain are more creative than their heal…
July 15, 2014

Protein’s effect on medicine


I heard that protein interferes with my medicine. Should I be restricting protein?
February 01, 2012

PD & Creativity


What does Parkinson's tell us about creativity? About artists? Is creativity truly enhanced by PD therapies or is it there all along, dormant, only to be unmasked by them? Peter Dunlap-Shohl muses on…
September 26, 2014

How can service dogs help Parkinson's?


Service dogs are specialty trained to help and protect people with vision, hearing, physical and emotional challenges.
July 28, 2013

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