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Parkinson's causes his body to freeze up. Only one thing gets him moving again.


I’m on the heavy bag, throwing left jabs, ignoring the relentless blare of Kanye’s “Drive Slow, Homie” played at a volume that would raise the dead. I punch to a one-two count: left jab, right cross.…
May 09, 2016

Gym offers classes in noncontact boxing for Parkinson’s patients


Frost says Ramon has the kind of energy that makes her clients actually want to get up early to work out. They talk about life while they exercise. One day, Ramon happened to mention that she was inte…
June 20, 2017

Boxers are fighting back against Parkinson’s


An intrepid band of seniors gathered on a recent Wednesday to strap up with boxing gloves and have at heavy punching bags hanging from racks.
August 10, 2017

Punch-Drunk Parkinson's


Uppercut - jab - hook! Peter Dunlap-Shohl has found a new side to himself: boxer. He describes the mental and physical experiences of his boxing therapy for Parkinson's, as well as the research that b…
December 03, 2018

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