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Parkinson’s DREAM Challenge Uses Mobile Sensor Data to Monitor Health Based on Movement


The Parkinson’s Disease Digital Biomarker DREAM Challenge was just launched by Sage Bionetworks as the first of a series of open, crowd-funded projects designed to help researchers identify ways to us…
July 20, 2017

Augmented reality app may aid patients with Parkinson’s


University of Rice students create an iPhone app to help PWP overcome 'freezing' that helps them (PWP) initiate movement and includes: audio, visual, and sensory cues. This app is made for those who e…
April 10, 2018

Study: App accurately tracks Parkinson's disease symptoms


HopkinsPD app, created by researchers at Hopkins University to predict severity of PD symptoms on a 0-100 scale. The app asks users to participate in a series of activities to test their mobility and …
April 09, 2018

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