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Speak Up for Parkinson's


The Speak Up for Parkinson’s app is a useful tool for Parkinson’s patients to practice their speech. The approach pays special attention to the volume of the patient’s voice, a key factor that helps t…
July 29, 2015

Smartphone App Could Be Used To Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease


Programs are being developed for smartphones that could be used to detect whether or not a person has Parkinson’s disease. A new initiative hopes to use the technology to circumvent the lengthy diagno…
May 01, 2014

Parkinson’s DREAM Challenge Uses Mobile Sensor Data to Monitor Health Based on Movement


The Parkinson’s Disease Digital Biomarker DREAM Challenge was just launched by Sage Bionetworks as the first of a series of open, crowd-funded projects designed to help researchers identify ways to us…
July 20, 2017

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